The Eleven hidden benefits Of healthy Hair

The Eleven hidden benefits Of healthy Hair

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“Oh, I’m having a bad hair day.”

We hear this line often as an excuse, an explanation for things gone wrong, or simply the truth. This is how much hair means to us. It can be the sole determiner of how we should feel on any given day. When you have thick, soft, and shiny hair, you feel like you can take on the world. You like running your fingers through them while running for the bus, proud how your healthy hair falls back into place. but when your locks look and feel messy and unmanageable, you tend to just pull it back in a bun and feel bad about it. men feel the same way. It’s not just the messy hair but mostly the lack or loss of it.

Beautiful and luscious hair was associated with royalty. people from the Greek and Roman times wore it like a crown. The term “bigwig” came from 17th century England when the size of wigs distinguished successful men from those who are not. It is tradition that men of importance wore bigger wigs, thus called “bigwigs.”

It just makes people look and feel better, then and now. Hair growth has always been viewed as a sign of good health while thinning or losing hair is associated with aging and poor health. It is no wonder that hair restoration and transplant is now a billion dollar industry. According to international society for Hair Restorations, nearly a million procedures were performed in 2012 all over the world. Hair restoration is especially popular among middle-aged men who consider baldness and thinning hair as among their top concerns. So why restore your hair exactly? Why is there a need to maintain a healthy, strong hair? below are the hidden benefits of healthy hair, on top of just looking good.

A sign of good health

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Notice that there are illnesses that cause hair to fall off. Every strand of hair has a blood supply that reflects the state of one’s body. being able to grow a full head of healthy hair is a sign of good health. On the other hand, hair breakage and eventual hair loss is often associated aging, hormonal problems, and possibly underlying medical conditions.

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It improves self-esteem

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A study conducted at Yale university found that “bad hair days” are real. but it means so much more than having a bad day. The study reveals that “bad hair days” affect an individual’s self-esteem and instead becomes more self-critical in general. It seems that the perception of “bad hair” leads to men and women doubting their capabilities and tend to perform below their actual level of competence. In fact, just the thought of a messy, untidy hair makes people feel not as smart as others.

It makes you more “socially secure”

The Yale research also found that unhealthy hair intensifies feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness. women react to it feeling more disgraced, embarrassed, ashamed and reserved. On the other hand, men tend to be more nervous, less confident, and inclined to be less sociable. This is generally because when people do not feel confident about their hair or how they look, they become more negative of who they are and find more character flaws that go beyond their appearance.

It grows faster and stronger

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Vitamin D helps keep hair looking good and growing strong. but you can’t find this inside the follicles of unhealthy hair. You can’t expect more hair on your head if it is unhealthy to begin with.

It earns you “kind words”

One survey revealed that 23% of women don’t want to leave their house when their hair is dry, messy, and generally unhealthy. Are you thinking this is too much and another one of those childish tantrums? Not really, according to Dr. Marianne LaFrance, professor of Psychology at Yale University. This is because young girls generally get more compliments about their eyes, skin, and hair than their math or soccer skills. and everyone needs kind words every once in a while.

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It shows you are stress-free

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There are types of hair loss that can be associated with stress. While a temporary work-related stress won’t probably result in thinning hair, extreme stress that causes sleep and diet problems may eventually show in your hair, skin, and weight. speaking of stress, men and women experiencing hair loss stress about their tresses more than others. Stress, depression, and failing confidence are among the reasons why more and more are looking for a guide to restore hair. After all, it is more than just vanity.

It makes good first impressions

Hair frames the face which is considered most important when making first impressions. According to Dr. Vivian Diller, psychologist and author of “Face it,” the hair is among the top three features that people notice on first encounters, next to smile and eyes. how the hair looks is also among the things used to describe people when recalling an interaction.

Things go your way

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According to Art Markman, a psychology professor at the university of Texas, it is fair game to care about hair because with the feeling of confidence it gives, people tend to take more risks like speak to the boss or do something gutsy at an office presentation. Markman says scientific research has shown that when someone is in a positive mood, better things happen. So having healthy hair that makes you feel proud, confident, and positive could mean a greater chance at things going in your favor.

Healthy hair means savings

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If money spent is any indication, hair is a runaway winner in the beauty category. From shampoos, conditioner, and creams to salon treatments with the best salon equipment, hair restoration, or barber equipment if you’re one to do your own cuts, it is clear that hair is something we are obsessed about. When people have naturally healthy hair, the less they fixate on it and spend on it. health of the hair is genetic and comes with age but also with foods you eat, maintenance, and not torturing it every single day with chemicals and blow dry.

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Healthy hair for ageless beauty

Unlike other cosmetic enhancements, hair procedures are generally much less radical but give off a huge difference. This is why hair restoration and transplant are gaining in popularity because people realize that healthy hair means beauty for the ages. Unlike surgical face enhancements that you can’t really deny, hair procedures give a youthful glow without the trouble of looking downright creepy.

You just look and feel good

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Who doesn’t want to look and feel good about themselves? This is perhaps the most important benefit of healthy hair — giving you a better sense of who you are. Waking up in the morning with a bouncy, full, and shiny hair instantly improves mood and makes people generally excited about things ahead.

Having a healthy hair is more than looking fresh and always selfie-ready. Luscious locks are a sign of what’s going on in our body. It also plays a huge role in how other people see us and more importantly, how we see ourselves.

By Jeanette Anzon for The healthy moms blog Magazine.

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